little ellipses of living

I feel like I laid down for a nap in August and suddenly I've woken up four months later and it's only a few days out from Christmas and all the bits and pieces for 2016 are coming together and it all happened in such a flash that I can hardly believe that the end of 2015 is only in a couple weeks and, what.

This year has come and gone wildly fast.

I've been fairly M.I.A. with this blog due to a slew of other obligations; a documentary to film and edit, a new photo series that has the promise to grow into a photo book, trudging along with writing my other travel book, piecing together the puzzle that will be traveling to 15+ countries next year, and all the while exploring every corner of my little slice of Northern California in the small, precious, free moments. Because of these things, I've put blogging on the back burner. So it goes.

And now. I'm currently on a plane headed to New York City for the next three weeks before beginning the adventure of guiding an expedition to Russia and Finland's Lapland, deep in the remote Arctic, under a threaded sky of glorious Northern Lights. And from there on out, the ball really won't stop rolling; plans for next year involve England, South America, Scandinavia, Asia, and almost ten countries across Africa. Even just writing about it is stirring something in my chest that I can't put into words.

I can't help but feel like the last few months have been the equivalent of a race horse in the starting gate, waiting for that final bell to sound and the doors to fly open.

It's certainly beginning.

Kings Beach, Lake Tahoe, CA

Kings Beach, Lake Tahoe, CA

So. The point of this post, I guess, is to say that posts on this blog will become much more consistent (I'm installing a subscription feature), so there is that to look forward to. 

But right now I want to talk about 2015.

Romania in June

Romania in June

The waves of this year will be felt decades into my future.

I traveled to the high Arctic of Sweden and Norway and saw the Northern Lights for the first time in my life.
I moved into my first real house.
I had photos published by National Geographic.
I road tripped 4,000 miles across 15 countries in Eastern Europe.
I took cooking classes, chased rivers and waterfalls, and slept beneath volcanoes and jungle canopies in Costa Rica.
I met and photographed celebrities such as Gregory Alan Isakov.
I had assignments that broke my back and shaped my news career; from politicians to crime, to drug addictions to history-makers.
I reconnected with lost friends from past travels.
I camped beneath redwoods, I rode horseback through California mountains, I sat before Lake Tahoe, I fell in love with the Pacific.
I was given the greatest job position of my life, and now, my world is shaping around it.

Here's to all the little ellipses of life.