Behind the Camera (and the blog)

My name is Tate Drucker.

I’m a photojournalist, an author, a traveler, and an expat living in Mozambique. I’m a passionate backpacker, newbie surfer, overzealous reader, and I’ve traveled to over 80 countries in the pursuit of where I can find the best local beer, but I haven’t quite found the answer to that just yet.

This blog is where I put my writing and my rambles from my work, travels, and life living here in a sleepy surf-and-dive village on the coast of the sparkling Indian Ocean in southern Mozambique. Before moving to Africa I was living in San Francisco for awhile, though I originally hail from a little horse town just outside New York City. However, my mind was always been set on someday living in East Africa — or at least, this was the plan since I was 15-years-old, when I found myself on a photography workshop in Tanzania. I remember sitting on a hillside in the savanna next to thorny acacia trees, camera in my lap, and thinking, I hope this is what my future will be like. So I’ve dedicated my life to making that 15-year-old proud.

Since then, I've traveled the world, spending stints of my life living in places such as Nepal and Cape Town, and spending years at a time backpacking across the continents. I’ve tried my hand at learning Swahili and Quechua; I’ve eaten spiders in Beijing and tried the local rum in a castle in Montenegro; I’ve followed reindeer in the Arctic and been charged by elephants in Botswana; I’ve summited peaks in Bolivia and flown to base camps in Alaska; I’ve chased the northern lights more times now than I can count; I’ve had food poisoning in Sumatra and been thrown from rapids in Namibia; and I’ve always found the rumbling of a jet accelerating down the runway to be one of the most exhilarating sensations there is.

Photography has always been the driving force of my travels, often funding my adventures (though coming back to work at a small-town diner in Connecticut here and there for extra funds definitely was what aided me in the beginning). Over the years, however, I began specializing in wildlife and environmental photojournalism specially here in East and Southern Africa, and began freelancing with NGOs, airlines, and various magazines and newspapers. Today, my photography has been published in over 300 publications around the world.

Now, I'm continuing my work as a photojournalist while based here in Mozambique; always on the pursuit of the next lion in the savanna or story found on the slopes of an unassuming mountain. My work continues to take me to destinations around the globe, and what you’ll find on this blog are bits and pieces of my observations, questions, and advice here and there while I continue try to figure this all out myself.

Thank you for reading, and for being here.